About Shara

Shara started her career as a commis at The Bird BBQ until she became a chef, a full time mom as well as a solopreneur. She has been working hard so she can buy back The Bird BBQ website and make it her food blog.

Drop her a line and she is more than happy to connect and share stuff she knows.


Shara is a (somewhat) talented chef, mother, and food blogger who is the proud owner of this popular website (well, soon), With a passion for cooking and a love of sharing her culinary creations with others, Shara began her blog as a way to share her favorite recipes and BBQ techniques with a wider audience.

As a mom, Shara understands the challenges of balancing a busy family life with a passion for the kitchen. That’s why she makes it a priority to create delicious and easy-to-follow recipes that can be enjoyed by people of all ages. Whether it’s a tasty grilled chicken recipe or a hearty BBQ pork sandwich, Shara’s dishes are always sure to please.

In addition to running her blog and raising a family, Shara is also the owner of a successful BBQ catering business. With a knack for creating mouth-watering dishes that are perfect for any occasion, Shara’s catering company is in high demand for events of all sizes.

When she’s not in the kitchen or managing her catering business, Shara can be found spending quality time with her family and experimenting with new recipes. She is always on the lookout for new and exciting flavors to incorporate into her dishes, and her love of cooking continues to inspire and drive her every day.

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