Pepper Steak Stir Fry (Gluten -Free) Recipe

Welcome to my Pepper Steak Stir Fry recipe! This is the perfect dish for those who love savory and spicy flavors in their meals. With a combination of tender beef strips, mixed vegetables, and a flavorful pepper sauce, this recipe will satisfy your hunger cravings and your taste buds.

Stir fry is an ancient Asian technique that uses high heat and simple ingredients to make dishes that are both delicious and healthy. The key to perfecting any stir fry dish is in the prep work, so be sure to have all of your ingredients ready and within reach before you begin.

Whether you’re a seasoned chef or just beginning in the kitchen, this recipe is easy to follow and will produce fantastic results every time. So grab your wok or skillet and let’s get cooking!

Why You’ll Love This Recipe

Pepper Steak Stir Fry (Gluten -Free)
Pepper Steak Stir Fry (Gluten -Free)

If you’re looking for a quick and delicious way to satisfy your cravings for Asian food, look no further than this pepper steak stir fry recipe. This gluten-free dish is bursting with flavor and pairs well with rice, noodles, salad, or even eaten on its own.

One of the reasons I love this recipe is that it uses simple ingredients that are readily available in most grocery stores. The combination of green bell peppers, yellow onions, garlic cloves, and stewed tomatoes creates a rich and hearty flavor profile that’s sure to leave your taste buds singing.

This dish is also versatile, allowing you to experiment with different toppings and substitutions to create a unique flavor every time you make it. For example, try using seitan instead of beef strips for a vegetarian option or adding frozen vegetables for a more substantial meal.

Additionally, this recipe is easy to make and takes only 30 minutes from start to finish. You just need to prep the ingredients, stir fry the beef strips with the vegetables on high heat and add the sauce made of soy sauce, cornstarch, broth, tomato sauce and black pepper – simple as that!

In summary, this pepper steak stir fry recipe is perfect for any busy weeknight when you’re short on time but still want a delicious meal. With its bold flavors and easy preparation, it’s sure to become your go-to dish whenever you’re craving some savory Asian cuisine.

Ingredient List

 Heat up your kitchen with this sizzling Pepper Steak Stir Fry!
Heat up your kitchen with this sizzling Pepper Steak Stir Fry!

Here’s what you need to make this delicious Pepper Steak Stir Fry (Gluten -Free) recipe:

  • 1 lb top sirloin steak or flap meat, cut into thin strips (1/4 inch thick)


  • 1 large yellow onion, cut into bite-size pieces
  • 2 medium green bell peppers, sliced into thin strips
  • 5 garlic cloves, finely minced
  • 6 green onions, thinly sliced (white and green parts separated)


  • 1/3 cup light soy sauce
  • 1/4 cup cold water
  • 1 tablespoon cornstarch
  • 1 tablespoon black pepper

Other Ingredients

  • 2 tablespoons olive oil
  • 2 cups of any frozen vegetables of your choice
  • Optional: cooked rice or noodles for serving

Make sure to prep all your ingredients in advance to make the cooking process easy and efficient. Get ready for a delicious stir fry experience!

The Recipe How-To

 Gluten-free and oh so delicious, this recipe is perfect for anyone with dietary restrictions.
Gluten-free and oh so delicious, this recipe is perfect for anyone with dietary restrictions.

Now that you’ve gathered your ingredients and your appetite is growing, let’s go over the steps to create this delicious Pepper Steak Stir Fry.

Step 1: Prep Ingredients

Before starting the cooking process, it’s essential to prep all ingredients properly. Begin by cutting the beef strips into thin slices (about 1/4 inch) against the grain. For optimal tenderness, don’t skip this step.

Then, finely chop yellow onion, green onions, and garlic cloves. Cut green bell peppers into one-inch pieces.

Step 2: Make Sauce

Combine 1/4 cup of cornstarch, 1/4 cup of cold water and mix until smooth. Add in 3/4 cup of light soy sauce, half a cup of broth, one tablespoon of pepper, and one tablespoon of garlic cloves (minced). Stir until well mixed.

Step 3: Cook Recipe

In a large wok or skillet, heat up two tablespoons of olive oil over high heat. Once hot, add your sliced beef strips and stir-fry for three to four minutes until browned.

Next, add your chopped vegetables – yellow onion, green bell peppers, garlic cloves – and continue stirring for an additional two minutes. Pour in the sauce mixture you prepared earlier and stir well until everything is well coated.

Lower the heat to medium and let everything simmer for another five minutes or until the sauce thickens up nicely.

Step 4: Serve

Your Pepper Steak Stir Fry is ready! Serve it over rice, noodles or even as a salad! The dish also pairs nicely with a side of broccoli beef or capsicum ginger beef for those who want some variety.

Pro tip: Want to make this dish vegan? Swap out the meat with simmered seitan pepper steak or add some frozen vegetables like carrots and broccoli to create a more substantial meatless option!


Substitutions and Variations

 This colorful dish is a feast for the eyes and the taste buds!
This colorful dish is a feast for the eyes and the taste buds!

Are you looking for ways to switch up your pepper steak stir fry recipe? Whether you have food restrictions or just want to try something new, there are plenty of substitutions and variations that can add some extra flavor to this classic dish.

If you’re going gluten-free, instead of using regular soy sauce, try substituting it with tamari, which is made with little or no wheat. Also, instead of using flap meat or seitan, which contain gluten, try using ground beef or even mushrooms to add some texture to the stir fry.

Want to make this dish vegetarian or vegan? Simply omit the beef and swap it out with your favorite plant-based protein source like tofu, tempeh or jackfruit.

For those who enjoy a little spice, add some diced jalapeño peppers or red chili flakes after adding the soy sauce. If you prefer a sweeter twist on this recipe, consider adding pineapple chunks or swapping the green bell peppers for red bell peppers.

Looking for a low-carb option? Instead of serving with rice or noodles, enjoy your pepper steak stir fry as a salad. Add some fresh greens like spinach or kale and top with the stir-fried beef and vegetables.

No matter what substitution or variation you choose, be sure to taste test as you go and adjust seasonings accordingly. The possibilities are endless when it comes to making this classic dish your own.

Serving and Pairing

 Take your taste buds on a journey with the savory flavors of this pepper steak stir fry.
Take your taste buds on a journey with the savory flavors of this pepper steak stir fry.

This pepper steak stir fry makes a perfect one-dish meal with robust flavors that stand well on their own. It’s deliciously satisfying and gives just the right punch of protein to fill you up until your next meal. However, if you’re looking to make a full-fledged meal, here are my suggestions for pairing.

For a healthy option, serve the stir-fry over brown rice. The starch in the rice complements the bold flavors in this recipe and absorbs some of the sauce to provide an even more delectable experience. You can also use noodles made of vegetables or other grains instead of rice, such as soba noodles or zucchini noodles.

If you want to switch things up a bit, add steamed broccoli or snow peas to the dish. The crisp texture of these veggies contrasts well with the softness of the beef strips and makes for a well-rounded entrée.

For crunch-lovers, pair this dish with a salad made of fresh greens such as spinach or mixed greens drizzled with your favorite dressing. You can also garnish it with an extra sprinkle of chopped green onions or sesame seeds.

And last but not least, let’s not forget about drinks. This dish pairs well with light-bodied red wines like Pinot Noir and Beaujolais, which don’t overpower its complex flavors. For non-alcoholic options, try iced tea or simply cold water with an optional slice of lemon or lime.

Overall, this pepper steak stir fry is very versatile and allows for many pairing options. So be creative and experiment to find your favorite way to serve this fantastic dish!

Make-Ahead, Storing and Reheating

 Who needs takeout? This homemade stir fry is just as good (if not better!).
Who needs takeout? This homemade stir fry is just as good (if not better!).

Are you a fan of meal prep or simply looking for an efficient way to enjoy your leftovers? This make-ahead, storing, and reheating section of the Pepper Steak Stir Fry recipe has got you covered.

To make-ahead: Prepare your stir fry according to the recipe instructions, except stop cooking it about one minute before the vegetables reach the desired tenderness. Transfer the stir-fry to a container and chill it rapidly in the fridge to avoid bacteria growth. Once totally chilled, tightly cover the container with a lid or plastic wrap and store in the refrigerator for up to four days. To finish cooking, you can reheat on high heat on a frying pan or in the microwave from 30 seconds to 1 minute.

Storing leftovers: Store your leftovers in an airtight container in your fridge for up to four days. This recipe freezes very well too! Just transfer your leftover stir-fry into freeze-safe airtight containers and freeze for up to three months.

Reheating: There are two ways you can easily reheat stir fry that will keep it tasting like new! The first method consists of warming oil in a skillet using medium-high heat, then adding in all frozen vegetables and stirring occasionally until they thaw before adding reheated pepper steak stir fry. Next, continue heating over low-medium heat until everything is uniformly cooked. For rice or noodles that were stored separately from the vegetable-pepper steak mixture, heat them separately to avoid overcooking the vegetables.

The second reheating method is much simpler than the first

– just use your microwave! Simply place small servings of your stir fry with rice or noodles (if using) into a microwave-safe container with a little spritz of cold water or broth to avoid drying out during reheating. Microwave on high for one minute, then pause every 30 seconds to stir contents around and check if it is hot enough.

With these tips, you’ll end up having great tasting pepper steak stir fry whenever you get that craving.

Tips for Perfect Results

 All the best flavors of Chinese takeout in the comfort of your own home.
All the best flavors of Chinese takeout in the comfort of your own home.

To achieve the perfect pepper steak stir fry, a few tips can come in handy. Here are some of the tips I have learned from years of cooking this recipe:

1. Prep your ingredients before you start cooking: Before turning on the stove, take some time to prepare all the ingredients for the recipe. Cut the beef into thin strips, chop the vegetables, and mince the garlic and ginger. This step will make the cooking process smoother and ensure that nothing gets burnt.

2. Use a high heat: A high heat is crucial for getting that signature stir fry texture. Make sure that your pan or wok is heated up before adding in the oil and ingredients.

3. Use cornstarch to marinade: Marinating the beef strips in cornstarch before cooking can help to tenderize it while providing a nice crispy texture.

4. Don’t overcook the vegetables: To maintain their crunchiness and flavor, it’s essential not to overcook the vegetables. They should be cooked until they are tender but still firm.

5. Add soy sauce at different stages: For an even distribution of flavor, add soy sauce at different stages of cooking. First when marinating beef and then when stir-frying the vegetables.

6. Don’t overcrowd the pan: Overcrowding while stir-frying can lead to steaming rather than frying, which is not ideal for a stir fry dish. Cook only in small batches or use a big enough pan or wok.

7. Let steak rest after cooking: After cooking, let your steak rest for about five minutes before slicing it against the grain to allow juices to distribute evenly.

8. Pair with rice or noodles: Pepper steak stir fry is best served with rice or noodles, which can absorb any excess sauce and provide additional texture and flavor.

By following these tips, you’ll easily make a delicious Pepper Steak Stir Fry dish with an exquisite texture that everyone will enjoy!

Bottom Line

In conclusion, this pepper steak stir fry recipe is an excellent choice for those who love a hearty and savory meal that packs a punch of flavor. The gluten-free aspect of the recipe is an added bonus for those avoiding gluten in their diets. With simple steps and easy-to-find ingredients, this dish can be prepared quickly and easily with impressive results. Additionally, this recipe offers a multitude of variations and substitutions to suit individual tastes or dietary restrictions.

By utilizing fresh vegetables and choice cuts of beef strips, this dish provides not only a satisfying and delicious meal but also vital nutrients and protein. Whether paired with rice, noodles or salad, it is sure to become a favorite in your weekly meal rotation.

Furthermore, the versatility of this recipe makes it perfect for both meat-eaters and vegetarians alike, with options to modify the main ingredient from beef strips to seitan or frozen vegetables. So why not give it a try? You won’t regret adding this flavor-packed pepper steak stir fry recipe to your culinary repertoire.

Pepper Steak Stir Fry (Gluten -Free)

Pepper Steak Stir Fry (Gluten -Free) Recipe

This is a very quick and easy recipe with lots of flavour. Great for a wheatless diet.
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Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 10 minutes
Course Main Course
Cuisine Asian
Calories 184.2 kcal


  • 1 lb sirloin beef tips
  • 2 tablespoons oil
  • 3 garlic cloves, minced
  • 1 yellow onion, chopped
  • 5 green onions, chopped
  • 1 dash pepper
  • 1/2 teaspoon chili pepper flakes (to taste)
  • 1 cup broth
  • 2 (14 1/2 ounce) cans stewed tomatoes
  • 2 large green bell peppers, sliced in rings
  • 1 red pepper, sliced in rings
  • 1 -2 tablespoon light soy sauce (VH)
  • 2 tablespoons cornstarch
  • 1/4 cup cold water


  • Cut steak into 1" cubes.
  • Heat oil in a wok or large pan.
  • On high heat add steak and garlic, and cook for 5 minutes.
  • Add yellow onion and cook until meat is done.
  • Add the next 8 ingredients (not the water and corn starch) and cook until the peppers are soft.
  • Add the cornstarch to the water and mix well, then pour into the work slowly.
  • Cook about one minute until thickened.



Serving: 413gCalories: 184.2kcalCarbohydrates: 28.2gProtein: 4.5gFat: 7.6gSaturated Fat: 1.1gCholesterol: 0.1mgSodium: 903.5mgFiber: 5.3gSugar: 12.9g
Keyword < 30 Mins, Asian, Chinese, Easy, Egg-free, Free Of…, Lactose-free, Meat
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